Wednesday, September 2, 2009


oh my gosh
its september already
cepat sgt kot mase berlalu
i have 79 days to go
utk mghabiskan sisa² my life kt cni
i've spend almost 5 years stay in kedah bebs
n i always said that my jodoh is here..*org kedah*
tpi xde pon..haha.
i'll miss all the thing that happened here
studies, frens *especially*
huh cant forget the memories bebs
my frens yg tgh wut intern skang neyh
they said prak amat boring
they missed all the activity in here
i've to doing my prac 6 months
i cant imagine hows my life will goes
ble dah start prak nanti
am i gonna continue my studies?
ans: yes tpi bukn after habis degree
maybe dh kejer for 2@3 years i will
but its not a kemestian
if i dont meet my jodoh in 2@3 years in future
mayb i will continue my study
bukn x maw sambung tros after finish degree
it just dah penat la..nk pikir² study neyh
nk kene bergelumang dgn assignments
sy maw keje
maw ade duit sndri
maw beli all the atuff that i want
maw tlg parents sy
n i hope i will get my permanent job quickly
.: i will miss my stdy life here:.

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