Friday, October 30, 2009

''' ngomong same tangan'''

theres some people in my hostel that i dont like talk to them.(x ramai pon setakat ni 2 org je kot)
or.. they talk to me.. they so annoying when they start to talk.
yesterday.. while i had my breakfast at my room.. (i just ate maggi and one cup of hot milo)
that person come in.. and she said.. "wahh mkan maGGI.. xajak pown"
and i answered " wut pe nk ajak ko".. see.. how i dont like her
kejam ker aku? and she also like sebok² to see whut i'm doing..
huh.. mind ur own business lah!
nk study dgn aman pon xleh..
actually.. dorg nih xde la aku bnci mne pon
ntah.. the way they talk tu.. make me feel (huh sgt x suke ble dorg start nk berckp or bercerite or dtg kt aku)
urmm.. sory if i've this feeling.. bnde xde la besar mne aku nk kechoh² kn.. dorg pon xde la wut salah ngn aku cume aku jerk yg kejam..haha..

1 comment:

  1. relaxs ar mie,,
    pe mawah2 nih...
    nati cpt tu_a...